Typically this is a section where people stick out their chests like proud peacocks and marvel how good they say they are.  We believe that the process should be about results and less about glory days.   It is about helping you have glory days not others reliving theirs.

We also understand that you want to know who the team is before you invest.  I can assure you that our team has accomplished marketing and advertising success that few others ever have.  We always say we don’t understand how others can help you build a successful brand if they were never responsible for the day to day P/L of one. We have been.

Our success includes:

·       Two of history’s most memorable Super Bowl ads and campaigns

·       Directed the advertising and marketing for some of the world’s largest brands

·       Developed sales promotion programs that Anheuser-Busch called the best in history

·       Led the most successful new product introduction in the history of 3M

·       Turned around numerous dying brands into successful acquisitions

·       Successfully launched new products

·       Helped successfully launch new small businesses

·       Started new small businesses

·       Invented new marketing products

·       Created revolutionary sales incentive programs

·       Numerous packaging initiatives

·       Featured speaking engagements

We have had our 15 minutes of fame (on numerous occasions) now it is time to tap into us to create yours.  Give us a call and we will gladly introduce ourselves.