About BDIP

BDIP is a creative alternative to the old school, out of touch, over-priced, big dinosaur ad agency. BDIP is a marketing “go to” resource for your internal, external or start-up marketing team.  A resource for advertising agencies large and small. We bring a fresh perspective unencumbered by barriers inherent in traditional development of marketing and advertising programs.  BDIP allows agencies and companies to request ideas when there is a creative block or a pressing deadline

Generating marketing ideas using traditional advertising agencies creative services are extremely expensive and require months to deliver one simple concept. Marketers want to spend their marketing dollars on results, initiatives and top-level thinking, NOT agency fees and organizational garbage.  At BDIP we don’t charge hourly rates we have one set fee period.

Our 35 plus years of experience taught us that you don’t  need hundreds of employees, working in a big building, pushing assignments down to the lowest level of competency,  and charging  outrageous hourly rates to be successful.

There are “think tanks”, offering a laundry list of services seeking to implement the ideas.  BDIP doesn’t want to ‘implement” and act like a traditional agency hiding behind the mask of a “think tank”.  BDIP delivers solutions within 48 hours and moves on without the trappings of the agency model.  Lastly and respectfully we don’t want to spend our time entertaining clients we want to grow their business.