Lear for a Year

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Lear for a Year

Our client purchased a booth at the nation’s largest trade show (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) and wanted to know what they could do to draw people to their space.  They asked should we give away candy, we said no.  Should we give away a Harley?  We said no.  How about a car?  We said no.  These were all common tactics.  We suggested giving away a Lear (Jet) for a Year.  They nearly wet their pants crying the expense would be astronomical.  But BDIP came up with a solution that cost only $30,000.  The tactic was an unbelievable (to the client, very believable to us!) success.  Of all the booths they drew the second most visitors (Microsoft which had nearly a quarter of the center’s space had more). 


They turned those visitors into clients.

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